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5 Days at Sea

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We will be headed towards Guam over the next five days, so I decided that I was going to update a single post with some of the highlights. The sea days are fairly routine but there are some things that I thought were worth writing down to remember in the future.

Cooking Demonstration:
The ship held a live cooking demonstration that my grandma and I enjoyed. One of the head chefs on the ship walked us through three dishes that are prepared on board. It was very entertaining and fun.

I played Bingo with my grandma. That was a lot of fun. The jackpot was up to $1,100 I didn’t win anything. But it was still fun.

Of course, the food has been a excellent. Every meal is a highlight! It’s just so good. For dessert every night, I usually get the sorbet of the day. They have had every flavor imaginable. I think I’ve had every fruit there is. It hasn’t repeated yet, but I can’t imagine there are much more flavors left!

I finally got to meet the other grandsons who are traveling on board as well. That was pretty neat. We are the only “young’ins” on the ship, so that’s kind of funny.

Fitness Classes:
I attended one of the yoga and exercise classes that are held in the morning. Man! What a workout. I was doing pretty well with the yoga (don’t get me wrong, I was extremely inflexible. But at least I could keep up). When we got to the abs portion, I was gone. I couldn’t even follow along. And what was worse was that there were all these old ladies who were able to do scissor chops with their legs and I can hardly even keep my legs up in the air for five seconds… (Note – writing this from the future: I’ve actually been doing these each morning! They’re a lot of fun and a really refreshing way to start the day. Each morning is a stretching class, followed by one of three workouts. There’s Abs, Aerobics and Bootcamp. I’ve really enjoyed going to these and am actually improving! I can successfully touch the ground now when we stretch and I can do the modified version of the scissor chops! There’s a regular group of us who go each morning and knowing that they would realized when I wasn’t there helps motivate me to get up at 6:30am to exercise for an hour before breakfast!)

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March 8th, 2012 at 7:43 am

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