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On the ship!

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The plane arrived in Australia really early this morning (6 am their time). I really couldn’t decide how I felt, jet lag wise. The people in Australia were super friendly and helpful. They guided us from the gate, around the airport, through customs and baggage claim, and then handed us off to a Princess representative. It was a super smooth and really simple.

The guy from Princess was also really nice. He took us to a coffee shop in the airport to sit while he waited for more people to arrive. I got a gluten free cookie that was so good (seriously, this thing was magical). Eventually, the princess guy came back and took us to the shuttle bus. It was about a half an hour drive from the airport to where the ship was docked. The ride was really cool though because we went right through downtown Sydney and the driver was giving us a tour the entire time and sharing interesting facts and answering questions. It was actually a lot of fun.

Sydney is very interesting. At first when we were driving out of the airport, I didn’t really think it was really anything different than florida, but as we started going further downtown it got really cool. First of all, it was super busy. It was a Monday morning and the streets were packed with people (everyone from students to businessmen). I was really surprised how busy it was. And then the buildings got more city-like with large skyscrapers. The landscape is really hilly, which made for some really interesting city layouts too. And there were tons of trees. A lot of time we were driving through the heavily populated city areas and there would be a canopy of trees above the street, which was really cool. One of my favorite things though was the open layout that almost all the stores had. Instead of a storefront wall, it was simply open for people to walk into right from the sidewalk. I’d never seen that before. The city was also very clean, which was nice.

All in all, it seemed like a really nice city to live in. Once we got to the dock, at around 9 o’clock, we had to wait until 12 to board the plane. This entailed nothing more than sitting down for three straight hours. Luckily we were shaded under this a large tree that covered several benches by the water. It wasn’t too hot either and there was a comfortable breeze. The time eventually passed and we got to board the ship.

After checking into our rooms, we headed right for the food (I hadn’t eaten anything since 4 am!). The food was so delicious. It was just the general buffet but everything was so tasty. We got window seats that overlooked the Opera House. It had been a pretty tiring and stressful journey unto that point, but looking out at the view made it all worth it. It was just amazing. I wanted to stare at it all evening. I was also glad when I realized that the buffet was just the lunch and there was another meal coming later.

We watched as we sailed away from Sidney. It was dark by that point and the whole city was lit up. I was actually kind of sad to go. Even though I’d only been there a couple of hours, I really enjoyed it and wished I had more time to explore.

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February 29th, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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